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Rug Repair: Common Ways in Which Rugs are Damaged

weave042 - April 3, 2017 - 1 comment

There are a number of ways in which rugs can become damaged or worn and only a professional restoration job will restore them to their original state. Some of these can be avoided and some are just a fact of life that have to be accepted and dealt with appropriately. If you own one or more beautiful rugs and you are wondering what sort of damage they might sustain over the years, take a look at our short guide below.

Common Reasons for Rug Repair in Toronto

The following reasons are all very common and can all be repaired if you entrust your rug to a restoration expert:

  • Movement of Heavy Furniture – If you have the leg of a table or large chair resting on top of a rug and the item of furniture in question is regularly dragged from one place to another, this will inevitably cause tearing in the long term. Such damage can be repaired by specialists who have the correct yarns, along with the skills to rebuild the affected areas while staying true to the original design.
  • Heavy Foot Traffic – If your rugs are walked over on a regular basis, they will inevitably begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. Frayed edges are a common result of heavy foot traffic, as are torn fringes. Both types of damage can be repaired by experts who specialize in rug repair in Toronto and the surrounding area.
  • Burns – Cigarettes and certain electrical appliances both have the potential to burn holes in rugs. Although the repair of such damage is more involved than the previous two examples, it can be done if you find a highly skilled expert with the necessary experience. This type of rug repair in Toronto must be performed by somebody who has spent many years in the industry and knows the materials, techniques and designs that are commonly used in rugs of all shapes and sizes. It is generally easier to effect such repairs in rugs with thick pile as the pile hides the stitching surrounding the area where the hole was located.
  • Water Damage – Some people who have left houseplants on top of a cherished rug have lived to regret their actions. Over time, constant exposure to water results in dry rot, a condition where the fibres of the rug become very brittle and consequently break. Reweaving can restore a water damaged rug to its former beautiful condition but it is obviously best to avoid this type of damage in the first place.

One other common type of damage that we see, which is in no way the fault of the owners of the rugs in question, is holes that have been created by hungry moths. Fortunately, as acknowledged experts at rug repair in Toronto, we are to fix this type of damage as well as all the other types mentioned above. If you own a rug that has seen better days, get in touch with us to find out how we can help.