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Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Rugs


Contemporary Rugs in Toronto & GTA

Desperately searching for a sleek, bold rug to update your home or apartment’? Or looking for interior decor inspiration for a new living space without success? It may be time to rip out that disastrous shag carpeting and give the refined lines and instant sophistication of new contemporary rugs a try. Weavers Plus has the Toronto area covered with a diverse and ever-expanding collection of contemporary rugs for every floor in your home.

Some of the Most Popular Contemporary Rug Prints

When we ask our customers why they are in the market for a contemporary rug, they rave about the incredible versatility and diversity of modern rugs. When it comes to modern rug styles, sizes, shapes, and textures, the possibilities are endless. Chevron, solid-colored, striped, geometric, floral – these popular patterns are just the beginning. A brightly coloured contemporary rug with clean lines could add freshness and liveliness to a classically stylish room with black wood or neutral tones, while a whimsical or artsy room with exposed brick and solid colors could benefit from an asymmetrical rug or patterned design.


The rising popularity of novelty prints allows you to express your passions and surround yourself with your dreams whether you love images of whales, the words of famous poetry, expansive cityscapes, or mythical creatures. Each unique creation can either blend seamlessly into your décor or make a radical statement about you. Contemporary rugs are designed with you in mind, and allow you to make a space completely your own.

What are the Advantages of Contemporary Rugs?

Unlike their traditional counterparts, contemporary rugs utilize new manufacturing methods that result in more options for customers when selecting fabrics, materials, dyes, and designs. Modern rugs are often machine-washable and easier to care for than hand-made ones. Producers of contemporary rugs stay on top of the changing times and latest trends so that your living spaces remain effortlessly fashionable. Modern materials are often more durable than those of antique or traditional rugs, and are often a better fit for a wide range of budgets.